The Charities

We believe that good beer is a gift and from the beginning designated half our profits to help homeless and marginalized members of our community.  We believe that many of us are given chances to make a difference in the lives of others if we keep our hearts and minds open to them.

But please don't buy our beer to help the homeless.  The fact is there isn't all that much profit in a case of beer to start with, and there are a whole lot of people along the supply chain.  Everyone from the hop farmer in Oregon to the person behind the counter that bags your six pack has to make a living if you're going to get good fresh beer to drink.  When the dust settles, "half our profits" amounts to about a penny and a half per bottle; a bit less for a pint in a pub.

On the other hand, even a small operation like ours sells about a million bottles of beer a year; so it does add up, and we've been able to contribute about $150,000 in the decade we've been in business.  We're grateful that you've helped us assist some wonderful people who work hard to make our communities better places for us all.  But if you'd really like to help us support these people, there's a better way than drinking an extra pint.

If each "average" Tuppers drinker drank only one fewer Tuppers' each week and contributed the saved money directly to the charities it would increase their income by over $100,000 in a single year.

Non-profit organizations we currently assist include Samaritan Ministry in Washington, The Reading Connection in Northern Virginia, and The South Baltimore Station in Maryland.  We believe each of these organizations does valuable work.  Each also needs volunteers as well as money.


Profile: Samaritan Ministry

Samaritan Ministry does much more than provide food and clothing for the homeless. It's is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people who are homeless or in need to help themselves. The agency's Next Step self-sufficiency approach allows participants to set life improvement goals for themselves and with the help of Samaritan Ministry staff, determine a series of manageable, specific tasks toward the fulfillment of those goals.  Services include housing and employment counseling, coaching, motivation, and much more.  Samaritan Ministry offers free help to anyone who wants to make a change in his or her life.  Samaritan Ministry is supported in part by several area churches, but there is no religious requirement for program participants.   Find out more here.